"Read Woke is a movement. It is a feeling. It is a style. It is a form of education. It is a call to action; it is our right as lifelong learners. It means arming yourself with knowledge in order to better protect your rights. Knowledge is power and no one can take it away. It means learning about others so that you can treat people with the respect and dignity that they deserve no matter their religion, race, creed, or colour."

Cicely Lewis - Founder of Read Woke

Welcome to Read Woke South Ayrshire. This initiative is designed to encourage and challenge students and staff to read books outside of your social norm, allowing you to broaden your understanding and engagement with social justice issues. It's also about highlighting the importance of accurate representation in literature. Reading books written from different viewpoints and experiences other than our own allows us all to gain insight and empathy from reading. Social injustice is a huge and important issue worldwide and within our own communities. With a constant barrage of misinformation, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves on our rights and to strive for equality.

The Challenge

Register for the challenge at your school library by reading books from our Read Woke booklist. Submit a short book review when you complete your book. You can also suggest one book of your own. Any staff member or student who manages to read four books will receive an exclusive Read Woke pin badge. A second pin will be awarded to anyone who completes eight books.

Find out more about where the Read Woke movement started, why it is important and what makes a book 'woke'.
Check out the booklist we have created for this challenge. There is something there for everyone, and we honestly believe that some of these books have the power to change your lives.
This project is supported by the Scottish Government School Library Improvement Fund. We are hopeful that the impact of this project will spread beyond South Ayrshire and are committed to freely sharing all resources produced as part of this project with other schools in Scotland.