Finding Balance

About The Book

"To every disabled reader, dreamer, storyteller."

Jase Ellison doesn’t remember having acute lymphocytic leukemia when he was three years old. His cancer diagnosis only enters his mind twice a year. Once at his yearly checkup at the oncology clinic and one when he attends Camp Chemo in the summer. No one in his “real” life knows about his past, especially his friends at Atlanta West Prep.

Mari Manos has never been able to hide her cancer survivorship. She wakes every morning, grabs her pink forearm clip crutches, and starts her day. Mari loves Camp Chemo—where she’s developed a healthy crush on fellow camper Jase. At Camp, she knows that she’ll never get “the look” or have to explain her amputation to anyone.

Jase wants to move on, to never reveal his past. But when Mari transfers to his school, he knows she could blow his cover. That’s the last thing he wants, but he also cannot ignore his attraction to her. Mari wants to be looked at like a girl, a person, and not only known for her disability. But how do you move on from cancer when the world won’t let you?

Themes: Cancer Survival, Ableism, Physical Disability, Amputee, Own Voice

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Kati Gardner is an author, actor, and childhood cancer survivor. After losing her leg to cancer, she wanted to convey the truth of what being a survivor is like for the many young adults who face it every day. Finding Balance is her second "own voice" novel, following her debut Brave Enoughl. Find out more at her website, Instagram, or on Twitter.

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