A Kind of Spark

About The Book

"While you may be neurotypical and I'm autistic, I promise. We are more alike than we are different."

We can't stress how important this book is. A Kind of Spark tells the story of Addie, a young autistic girl living in a Scottish village outside Edinburgh. As Addie learns about the historic witch trials in Scotland, she sees parallels between the persecution of these innocent women and her own struggles and experiences. Addie campaigns to have the community recognise the injustice through the creation of a memorial, but can she make her voice heard? Can she fight against prejudice to make her insular community listen to someone they view as "different"?

This book is a wonderful story about speaking up and being true to yourself. It will leave you with a greater insight into what it is to be autistic. Elle McNicoll has put so much passion into this story and the result is first class.

"People aren't like books. A familiar book is always the same, always comforting and full of the same words and pictures. A familiar person can be new and challenging, no matter how many times you try to read them."

Themes: Autism, Identity, Bullying, Own Voice

Cover design by Kay Wilson

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Elle McNicoll is a Scottish and neurodivergent author now living in England. Tired of a lack of inclusivity and Own Voice representation in the publishing industry she published her debut novel A Kind of Spark in 2020 to critical acclaim. One of the books of 2020, we can't wait to see what she releases next. Find out more at her website or on Twitter.

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