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"Revenge is always sweet. Isn't it?"

When his mum is sent back to prison, Al knows exactly who's to blame. Mr Brayker, who lives downstairs, has been making trouble for Al's mum ever since they moved in, and Al's determined to get his revenge. Ignoring advice from his gran and sister, Plum, Al takes things into his own hands with a plan that involves the only two creatures he can rely on: his pet rats, Venom and Vulture. But things don't turn out exactly as he'd imagined ... Written by award-winning author, Patrice Lawrence, this is a moving story of community, loneliness, and how you never quite know what's going on in someone else's life.

Themes: Family, Responsibility, Community, Lonlieness, Revenge

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Patrice Lawrence was born in Brighton and brought up in an Italian and Trinidadian household. Her first YA book, Orangeboy, won the Bookseller YA Prize and Waterstone’s Prize for Older Children's Fiction. Her second, Indigo Donut, won the Crimefest YA Prize. Both books were nominated for the Carnegie Medal. Patrice worked for more than 20 years for charities supporting equality and social justice. These themes often take an important role in her stories. Find out more on her website or on Twitter.

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